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How's your training going?

Congratulations on signing up for the Abingdon Marathon 2020. First held in 1982, this year will mark the 39th year. 

How's your training going? 

At Zest Podiatry we are able to diagnose and treat niggling injuries to keep you in peak performance for your upcoming marathon.

We use the best 3D gait analysis to aid us in detecting the root cause of injuries and with diagnostic ultrasound we can offer a range of treatments to get you pain and injury free.

From exercise and rehab plans through to steroid injections, shockwave therapy and custom orthotics, we can speed up recovery and prevent re-occurrence.

Marathon Offers

MSK initial assessment

Normal price£90

Your price: £65 (for a limited time)

MSK assessment & Run3D silver

Normal price£300

Your price: £225 (for a limited time)

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