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Run3D helping you move better.

It can reduce injuries, run faster and feel better with 3D Gait analysis. Available at Zest Podiatry & Physio.

What is run3D?

Run3D is gait analysis that identifies areas of weakness or unusual movements in your gait using state-of-the-art infrared technology. It is a gold-standard biomechanical assessment developed at the University of Oxford, available in our clinic providing evidence-based treatment and data-driven recommendations.

Infrared technology accurately measures 3D joint angles in real-time, enabling us to quantify your biomechanics, recommend evidence-based treatment, monitor outcomes of intervention and assess progress over time.

How does the Run3D measure me?

We attach small reflective markers to  your legs and shoes, positioned on specific anatomical landmarks. Using the exact same technology as specialist orthopaedic hospitals and elite sports performance centres, our infrared cameras measure the position of these markers 200 times a second and use the data to create an accurate 3D model of you walking and running. By integrating Vicon infrared technology with our own custom-built software we have succeeded in bringing the gold-standard of biomechanical assessment out of the research lab and into everyday clinical practice.

Is Run3D useful to me as a runner?

Running injuries are complicated and can be caused by a combination of underlying problems. Successful treatment of such injuries can be complex. Identifying the cause of re-occurring problems or the reason behind failed treatments can be hard. The use of our advanced 3D gait analysis and retraining platforms, we accurately identify the root-cause of your injury in order to deliver a successful and long-term treatment plan. The Run3D platforms quantify patterns and asymmetries in walking and running gait that are impossible to measure using marker-less video analysis and systems based on wearable inertial sensors.

Can Run3D help me run faster?

The principal of marginal gains is based on making small incremental improvements, which result in significant advances when they are added together.

Run3D clinics have the advanced technology that is required to critically evaluate all aspects of your running gait and musculoskeletal function with the same precision and rigour that is usually reserved for the sporting elite. Once we have identified your biomechanical issues, we can deliver data-driven advice for addressing them and improving performance.

What is the musculoskeletal test?

We can measure your strength, flexibility, alignment, stability and function objectively. We correctly identify any deficiencies and asymmetries in your musculoskeletal system and address these issues appropriately.

Advanced 3D analysis and strength testing for injury prevention and performance with Run3D.

Can be used in conjunction with our musculoskeletal treatments or on its own.

  • Enables evidence based and effective treatment.
  • Monitor outcome and assess progression over time.
  • Advanced 3D analysis and strength testing for injury prevention and performance.
  • Identifies risk factors in your gait compared to a database of other runners.
  • Written report to identify areas that you need to work on.
  • Allows for a focused rehabilitation plan to be made.
  • Unbiased footwear recommendations from professionals.
  • Improves your running and reduces your injury risk.

Further information on Run3D can be found at run3d.co.uk.

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