Oxford Half 2022

Running with a niggle?
Visit the Running Injury Clinic

  • Visit the teams at the Race Village
  • Available to book Saturday + Sunday
  • Talk to us about running injuries + performance
  • Discover Run3D - ‘why wait till it hurts’
  • Foot + Ankle First Aid - £15


Discover Run3D and how it identifies why injury is occurring, what imbalances exist

why wait till it hurts

Zest Podiatry & Physio


Foot & Ankle First Aid

Experts including podiatrists, biomechanists and running rehabilitation specialists - we can talk to you about running performance and injuries.

Foot & Ankle First Aid

We can treat those pre or post race niggles - emergency nailcare, blister treatment and soft tissue massage

Available Sat 15th & Sun 16th October

Good, Comfortable Feet



Sore toes

Oxford Half 16 Oct 2022

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