Welcome to Zest Podiatry & Physio

At Zest Podiatry we are looking forward to opening the clinic under the strict guidance and recommendations of the government and the college of podiatry. We are adhering to the rules on who is eligible for treatment.

Find out more about the clinic re-opening on the 1st June

Sore toe nails

Nail Surgery

Who would think a small nail could cause so much pain and damage, we can sort that out for you. 

Verruca & Warts


Got an unusual lesion/spot on your foot. If you don’t like the look of it or it gives you pain, chances are that its a verruca

Heel pain

plantar fasciitis

We use the term Plantar fasciitis to describe a type heel pain. Which results from the deterioration of your plantar fascia.


Nail fungus

Identification (trained eye & diagnostic test) with a range of treatment options to deal with skin and/or nails.

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