A painful foot, ankle or leg can be very debilitating, and can become a chronic issue.

At Zest we are trained in assessing the joints in the lower limb through our knowledge of biomechanics. We can offer a full musculoskeletal treatment plan using our knowledge alongside in-house diagnostic techniques and equipment.


Assessments are a mix of us assessing you on the couch, standing on the floor and watching you walk (gait).

Gait analysis is where we assess how you walk, often assisted by video gait analysis technology. We will use this information alongside the clinical information. Clinical information is collected during the consultation and couch, standing assessments to build a treatment plan.


Diagnostic ultrasound

We are able to offer in clinic ultrasound imaging to assess damage and pathology which helps direct our treatment plan more definitively.

Not only will this allow us to see inside your foot and ankle but it will also help us to guide injection therapy. See more on this below.


Treatment options

Ultrasound guided intervention

Many musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and ankle can be helped by the injection of medicines. This is directly into the affected tissue, steroid injections which help reduce the local inflammation.

Typical foot conditions that can be helped are bursitis, tendonitis, neuromas, joint pain especially big toes and plantar fasciitis.

This can offer immense short term relief and allow time for the longer term treatments to start working.


Orthotics (similarly insoles) are used to help treat and prevent foot or leg pain. They will be prescribed as part of your treatment plan.

They are designed to redirect harmful forces as you walk. Above all in doing so we will improve that way you walk and reduce the associated pain.

Our capability in clinic allows us to provide the best option for you and at the right budget. We can provide fully bespoke, custom made orthotics and off-the-shelf orthotics.

In conclusion we will also consider the activities that you will be doing and any career/occupational requirements.

After provision of orthotics we bring you back into clinic to assess the fit and function firstly at 6 weeks. Secondly at 6 months to see if any further adjustments or additional therapies are required.

Rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation may involve some soft tissue or joint mobilisation. Soft tissue exercises for you to do at home or may involve the services of a physiotherapist

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