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Verruca and Wart Solutions

verruca and warts

The aim of the verruca and wart solutions treatments are to create a local inflammation of the virally infected skin and tissue and to provoke the body’s own immune response to kill the virus from within. Do you think you have a verruca or wart?

We offer three main verruca/warts treatments here at Zest Podiatry & Physio, all based on clinical effectiveness.

  1. SWIFT microwave therapy (patient information)
  2. Falknors Needling
  3. Cryotherapy
1. Swift Microwave Therapy2. Falknor`s needling procedure3. Cryotherapy
How is it delivered?
All treatments are delivered by qualified podiatrists using specialist equipment.
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How does it work?
All treatments are designed to provoke the body’s own immune response to kill the virus from within, with slightly different methods.
It uses microwave energy which heat up the infected tissue which in turn breaks down the barrier around the verruca or wart and allows the body’s immune systems to fight off the viral infection.It is a form of soft tissue therapy which is intended to break down the verruca and create a controlled inflammatory response which, in turn, stimulates the body’s immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it.It delivers very cold temperature to the affected skin at approximately -89°C. The method of freezing at -89°C is cold enough to destroy skin cells by rupturing the cell membrane, this in turn triggers the body’s own immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it.
What is the treatment plan?
SWIFT and needling are offered as packages and suitable for adults only.
Needling has to be booked in advance, all other treatments can be at your initial assessment.
SWIFT treatments are given at 4 week intervals.
Each treatment is charged separately.
It is common for 3-4 treatments to be given.
It can take up to 6 months for the body’s immune system to clear with this treatment.
No treatment required by yourself in-between appointments.
Needling is a single treatment. It is common for two needling treatments to be needed to clear the verruca, making this an ideal treatment for busy people.
It requires pre surgical checks.
The package is one application and reviews at 1 and 8 weeks.
No treatment required by yourself in-between appointments.
The standard practice is to repeat the freezing treatment every 2-3 weeks until the verruca/warts have cleared up, to a maximum of approximately 6 treatments. Each treatment is charged individually.
If further treatment is required this can be discussed with your podiatrist and alternative treatments can be considered.
Again, if indicated they may advise you to use salicylic acid and tape in-between cryotherapy treatments.
Can I use my foot normally after the treatment?
We will aim to keep you as comfortable as possible.
The microwave delivers rapid heat into the infected tissue but does not break the skin so no need for dressings, and is delivered in rapid bursts of heat so no need for a local anaesthetic with little or no pain after treatment.It requires a local anaesthetic in the ankle or foot, and there will be a wound which will require daily dressings for 2 days. There may be some short term discomfort for 2-3 days also. On the day of surgery you cannot drive.During the treatment the podiatrist will carry out 2 freeze cycles on the targeted area using a high jet of nitrous oxide. If indicated, they will apply salicylic acid to the verruca/wart and cover with tape. There is often little pain, however blister can be a side effect.
Our success rates
Please use these as a guide only.

Other over the counter treatments are available to purchase eg. acid based treatments

Salicylic acid paints and gels are available to apply directly onto verrucae or warts and they work by removing the outer layers of skin which in turn should trigger the immune system to destroy the virus.

Using acids treatment alone can be a long term process as it is recommended that they are applied daily for up to 12 weeks. Care needs to be taken when applying the treatment so that the healthy surrounding or adjacent skin is not damaged with a risk of spreading the verruca/wart.

Occlusion the verruca or wart can help break down the epidermis of the skin , similar to salicylic acid, and trigger an immune system response.

We recommend kinesiology tape as this has been tested for use on the skin and adheres well.

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