Price List

Price List as of February 2022


Podiatry Initial£75
Podiatry Return£50 (£55)*
Podiatry Return (basic)£45 (£50)*
Podiatry Emergency£95
Podiatry dressing£40
Finger Nail cutting (only with podiatry appt)£25


SWIFT microwave therapy Package (5 appointments)£450
Additional SWIFT microwave therapy (after Package)£175
Falknors Needling Surgery£450


Fungal Nail Testing with DTS£50
Initial Clearanail £250
Additional Clearanail (after initial)£135

Home Visit

Home Visit Return (By invitation only)£65


Physiotherapy Initial£75
Physiotherapy Return £55

Nail Surgery & Anaesthetic

Nail Surgery (total or partial nail avulsion) with 2 reviews£450
Nail surgery additional toe (+nail surgery appt charge)£125
Local Anaesthetic (+appointment charge)£95

Musculoskeletal (MSK)

Initial MSK£125
Full MSK (including Run3D gait analysis)£345
Run3D gait Analysis£245
Orthotic Therapy (includes fitting and review)£295+
Sports Massage£40
Exercise & Rehabilitation£55
Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy (3 sessions)£250

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