Orthotics (similarly insoles) are used to help treat and prevent foot or leg pain. They will be prescribed as part of your musculoskeletal treatment plan.

They are designed to redirect harmful forces as you walk. Above all in doing so we will improve that way you walk and reduce the associated pain. We will also consider the activities that you will be doing and any career or occupational requirements.

Our capability in clinic allows us to provide the best option for you and at the right budget. We can provide fully bespoke, custom made orthotics with our partner Edser Labs and off-the-shelf orthotics.

After provision of orthotics we bring you back into clinic to assess the fit and function firstly at 8 weeks to see if any further adjustments or additional therapies are required.

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Rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation may involve some soft tissue or joint mobilisation. Soft tissue exercises for you to do at home or may involve the services of a physiotherapist.

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