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Verruca and warts

Verruca and warts

Here at Zest we treat lots of customers (including children) with troublesome verrucae and warts. We appreciate that they can be time consuming or difficult to treat at home; can be painful or just plain unsightly.

Is it a verruca?

Verrucae or warts are a virus (part of the Human Papillo Virus species) that are usually contracted when walking barefoot in communal areas such as changing rooms pool and showers. They infect the skin cells in the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and as such is not always detected by the body’s own defence mechanism as they have a barrier around them.

There are over 100 HPV subtypes which can look slightly different on the skin.

Verruca and warts are common in children but we do see a lot of adults too, especially those patients whose immune system is suppressed by drugs or a medical condition.

The aim of the treatments are to kill the virus infected skin cells and provoke the body’s own immune response to kill the virus from within.

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