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How do I remain motivated?


It is easy to have an initial boost of energy when taking up a new activity or during a time of year such as January when we feel we have to start the year motivated. Below are a few ways to maintain your motivation.

Set yourself a goal, based on emotion

Setting challenges is useful to stay motivated and linking them to an emotion will provide further motivation. For example: To fit into one of my favourite dresses could be, to fit into my favourite blue dress for my wedding anniversary meal in 6 months time. To enter a charity run could be to run for Cancer which is what I lost a friend to.

Make it a habit

The easiest way to run more is to make running a habit. Think of ways to include it in your daily routine.

Examples include: 

  • If you run in the morning get your kit ready the night before so it’s the first thing you see
  • Take a snack to work to have if you are running before dinner
  • Make regular arrangements with your running partner in advance
  • Plan the route in your diary so you know your going

Run with a friend

Having a running partner can be very useful, it works better if they are the same activity level as you. You will find that you encourage each other, and don’t want to let the other down. Helping with motivation. Find a running partner on realbuzz or JoggingBuddy.

During 2020/2021 the pandemic has made mixing very hard and many people have chosen to solo run, you can still share these achievements online or with known apps such as Strava.

Join a club

Joining a running club is a great way to commit to running regularly. Most clubs will have running groups for different levels, especially beginners. They are also a great way to find running partners. Find a running club near you using RunTogether.

Keep a diary

This is a great way to look back on how you have improved and may also help to focus on what works for you. Note down each run, including your route, distance, time, weather conditions and how you felt. If you are focusing for weight, you can measure your body or record your  weigh..

Mix it up

Make your running interesting, add variety. Vary your distances, pace and routes. Use realbuzz’s route planner to find, record and share your favourite running routes.

Check out our Runners Section

Interested in running, are you a runner, please take a look at our new section in 2021 all for runners.

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