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A painful foot, ankle or leg can be very debilitating, and can become a chronic issue.

MSK (Musculoskeletal) is the diagnosis and treatment of problems arising from the musculoskeletal system. This includes injuries and diseases affecting the muscles, bones and joints of the limbs and spine. At Zest Podiatry & Physio we are trained in assessing the joints in the lower limb through our knowledge of biomechanics. We can offer a full musculoskeletal treatment plan using our knowledge alongside in-house diagnostic techniques and equipment.

What is an initial assessment?

At this initial appointment we will assess joint range of movement, tendon and muscle strength and ligament flexibility so that we can see what structure is injured/painful – this is a static assessment which informs the treatment plan. You can book the initial assessment directly online.

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Why am I getting this pain or symptoms?

Come for a full MSK assessment and we’ll help inform you why

We assess joint range of movement (using goniometers), tendon and muscle strength (using dynamometers) and ligament flexibility (using inclinometers) to measure accurately each aspect of the static test. This also allows data to be captured and used for future assessments and progress management. The static assessment helps to inform the treatment plan.

We use the Walk/Run3D gait analysis to accurately measure movements at the hip, pelvis, knees and ankles whilst you are walking and/or running. This dynamic assessment helps us identify any asymmetrical movements, abnormal patterns in your gait and which structures are being over-used, compensating or not used at all.

We produce a report combining the static and dynamic tests, to accurately pinpoint what your joints, muscles and limbs are doing as you take each step. This further informs our treatment plan and the outcome goals we agree with you.

What are the treatment options for injured/painful limbs

From either of our assessments, we can propose a treatment plan comprising of one or more of the following :

And, if we believe you need referral to other experts we can arrange for that too.

Common MSK conditions we treat include:

What is an MSK Podiatrist?

This is sometimes referred to as a Biomechanical Podiatrist and the two terms are often used interchangeably, so what is biomechanics? Biomechanics in its broadest sense is the application of mechanical principles to biological systems. Within the foot and lower leg the application of mechanical principles is vital in addressing pain within the musculoskeletal system. Interested in becoming a podiatrist.

Run3D Gait Analysis
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