Sore toe nails

Sore toe nails are a very common thing for podiatrists to see and treat. Most people have caught a nail on something, causing it to rip, or has smashed a toe on the bed frame in the middle of the night. They can be sore for a number of reasons such as:

Nail Shape or texture

  • Ingrown nails causing long term pain and possible infection
  • Involution causing ingrown nails leading to bacterial infections
  • Flat causing ingrown nails leading to bacterial infections
  • Thickened causing pain from pressure the thicker it gets
  • Splitting, peeling, or brittle nails

Condition of the nail

  • Fungal infection causing thickening or/and involution
  • Picked or bitten can lead to ingrown nails and infection
  • Trauma such as stubbing or dropping something on it
  • Micro trauma such as running with long nails or running down hill
  • Separation from the nail bed
  • Chemotherapy drug changes to nails
  • Nail changes from psoriasis, peripheral arterial disease and others

Toenails grow at about one-half or one-third the rate of the fingernails, they may slow further with age and diseases that decrease blood flow to the hands and feet.

Images of sore toe nails

Common conditions of sore toe nails

Podiatrists are able to manage most nail conditions of the feet and often can advise on the hands. All podiatrist are trained to perform nail surgery, which is used to alleviate ingrown nails and trauma/damaged nails.

What is an ingrowing toenail?

“where a piece of nail pierces the flesh of the toe”

An ingrown nail can feel like you have a splinter, it is often extremely painful and can become inflamed and/or infected. Occasionally it can cause pus and bleeding. They are most common on the big toenail, but can affect the other toes too.

An ingrown toe nail is painful and often difficult to manage. We can offer a nail surgery treatment in clinic that can remove part or all of the nail to offer long term comfort and relief.

Will my nail re-attach?

No, a nail will not re-attach to the nail bed. Common damage is by dropping something on it, stubbing it or running long distance with long toe nails. The nail bed once lifted will need to grow out or be removed.

If the nail is only partially lifted or has some blood under it then you may need to have the nail removed, sometime it is recommended under local anaesthetic. At Zest Podiatry we can determine if this is the treatment you require and are able to offer this is clinic.

If you are concerned about your nails, if they are sore, please contact us or book in.


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