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Foot ankle & leg Pain

foot ankle & legs

It is important to take good care of feet ankle and legs as they take the whole weight of your body and propel you through life. Once they start to hurt they can limit or prevent you from exercise or normal daily activities. No one wants long term Foot ankle & leg pain.

Pain can also limit your activity, this can be especially frustrating if you are training or competing in sports activities. Below is our list of common areas you may experience pain.

Common problems of foot ankle & leg Pain

toe nails

Have you caught a nail on something, causing it to rip, smashed a toe on the bed frame in the middle of the night or have an ingrown nail?


10% of us experience heel pain. Pain in the morning, pain on use, pain after use, worse after rest, burning or achy pain?

A common heel pain condition in children is called Sever’s disease (Calcaneal apophysitis).

ball of foot

Do you have the feeling that something is in your shoes, pain under the toes, pain above the toes, numb toes, or a burning or shooting pain?

big toe

Big toe pain is also known as bunion pain. Medically known as ‘hallux valgus’. The big toe is deformed is shape, the toe points towards the second toe. There is often a lump (of bone) on the side of the big toe. The toe can become inflamed and sore, callus and corns often build up on it.


The back of your ankle is the Achilles tendon. This is the tendon that connects the calf muscles to the back of the heel bone and is key in providing movement and power on walking. On occasions it can become irritated or thickened as a result of trauma or overuse, causing Achilles Tendinitis.

The outside of your ankle (Lateral) is a common place for sprains, and one of the most re-occurring injuries in sport, often caused as a twisted ankle in a child.

If you would like to come in and discuss your pain we are here. We offer four types of initial assessments detailed below. You can book online or contact us for more information about the treatment that would be best for you.

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