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Emergency Appointments


Emergency appointments are available daily at Zest Podiatry & Physio, with our podiatry team.

What constitutes an emergency?

Those that have stubbed or dropped something on their toe, lifted a toenail, got a foreign object in their foot or have an infection such as ingrowing toenail.

What can you do in an emergency appointment?

Our aim is to relieve any pain from your symptoms, to assess if you have an infection and offer appropriate treatment or plan if so, and to discuss long term treatment options with you. We do have the option to use anaesthetic (additional charge) on the day, but you cannot drive so get a friend to bring you.

Who will I see?

At Zest you will see one of our podiatrists for your emergency appointment, we are all hcpc registered and members of the Royal College of Podiatry. We support podiatry students and we currently have a podiatry apprentice. You will be informed if they are present on the day and you can request they not be present.

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