Zest Podiatry Clinic is OPEN

Zest Podiatry & Physio clinic can remain open during the new LOCKDOWN

This Page was update on 5th January 2021

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement England has gone into a new lockdown, our College have confirmed medical appointments are still allowed. Therefore Podiatrists can remain open including home visits.

A reminder that the provision of healthcare is not affected by the new LOCKDOWN. All podiatrists, including those who are now under restrictions in England, can continue to practise.

College of Podiatry

England in new LOCKDOWN (as of 5th January 2021)

On January 2021 it was announced England along with the rest of the UK would move into lockdown restrictions. This does not affect our ability to treat all patients.

Can you treat me?

YES – we are able to treat everyone. There are NO health restrictions. We have been adhering to the strict government and society guidelines.

I am high risk, can I come in ?

YES – you can come to Zest Podiatry if you are high risk. If you are shielding then you are one of the clinically extremely vulnerable. We have worked hard to ensure our clinic meets the government guidance so you feel reassured to visit us if your health needs require podiatry treatment.

The government recommendation is to ensure you continue to receive the care you need during this time and access medical assistance where necessary.

Maintaining a safe clinic

We have followed government and the college of podiatry guidelines about social distancing, PPE and clinic hygiene. 48 hours before your appointment you must confirm your current health with our Coronavirus Self-assessment Form. A reminder will be sent by email or by telephone call (if no email facility) and MUST be completed.

If you have signs of covid-19 you will be asked to self-isolate and contact us in 14 days.

What to expect from the open clinic

  • Entry to the clinic if you have an appointment only.
  • You MUST wear a mask or face covering.
  • You will be asked to clean your hands with gel.
  • Your temperature will be taken and recorded on your notes.
  • The NHS covid-19 app is available for you to check in.
  • All clinicians will be wearing appropriate PPE.
  • If you arrive in the car please stay in the car & your clinician will come and meet you.
  • Should you arrive on foot, bike or public transport please use the bell to inform us of your arrival and we will place you in reception, away from others.
  • We shall try and limit who you come into contact with.
  • Only one person can enter the clinic, unless accompanying a child or a carer.
  • All the treatment rooms will have the Dyson pure hot+cold purifying system.
  • We ask that you only use the toilet if a must (just ask – it is not a problem).
  • Your clinician will make any future appointments within the clinic, or ask for reception to contact you.
  • You can pay before or at the time using the contact less system on the car reader, no cash payments please.

If your temperature is higher than 37.5 or you are awaiting a covid test result, you will be asked to leave the clinic immediately.

What if I feel unwell on the appointment day?

If you feel unwell on the day, please call us, we can discuss your symptoms and how best to progress with the appointment, do NOT come in if you feel unwell, we will be sympathetic to late cancellations during this time. We all need to remain safe.

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