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Which podiatry appointment should I book with Zest?

A common question is which podiatry appointment should I choose, especially if you have never been to Zest Podiatry & Physio. Are you are new to the area? Have you been having regular foot care elsewhere? Do you have a new query or are you after some help? We offer a number of appointments in order to get you to the right clinician. Here are some questions to help you determine what you need.

1. Do you know what type of podiatry appointment you are looking for?

  • General podiatry
  • Verruca
  • Nail Surgery
  • MSK

2. If you are unsure about which type of appointment you need 

An initial podiatry appointment includes nail management (cutting and filing) corns and callus removal, ingrowing toenails and bacterial infections, skin and nail fungal infections, and verruca treatments.

MSK (musculoskeletal) refers to soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments, and also bones and joints. An MSK podiatrist diagnoses and treats injuries and conditions of these structures.

Initial PodiatryInitial MSK Podiatry
If you need help to manage your own nails
have an ingrowing toe nail
have a corn/callus/lesion on the skin
have a verruca 
have a foreign body
(General . Verruca. Nail Surgery)
If you have any pain in your feet or up to the knees
Have you been injured – do you think the pain might be soft tissue/bony
Our physio focuses on the knees and hips – please read more
(MSK – musculoskeletal)
Podiatry AssessmentsMusculoskeletal Assessment

3. Book the podiatry appointment now

4. Are you new to Zest Podiatry & Physio?

Read our post aimed at new patients. It includes information on what to expect, what information we require from you, where we are and parking In oxford, and information on our clinicians.

5. What other appointments are there?

  • Emergency appointments are available daily with our podiatry team. We are aware of the growing need to offer quick accessible appointments to our clients.
  • Nail surgery appointments for the permanent removal of a partial or fully ingrowing nail(s), under a local anaesthetic. You will need to be assessed an an emergency or an initial podiatry appointment before this can be booked.
  • Cosmetic appointments is an extension of foot and nail treatments to enhance medical foot healthcare in a professional and caring environment. You can book this as a new client.
  • Physio appointments which help restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. We have a focus on the knees and hips at Zest.
  • Podiatric surgery appointments are advanced podiatry treatments including assessment, joint and soft tissue injections, lumps and bumps removal. Nail surgery is performed by all podiatrists, only advanced surgery is performed by our surgeon.

6. Still unsure about what appointment? Please contact us.

Our experienced reception staff are always happy to help you.

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Please feel free to contact reception for more information or to book an appointment with us.

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