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Low cost Podiatry

low cost podiatry

Lost cost Podiatry is now available to our existing clients and we are able to treat general podiatry. The cost is currently £45 (normal price £55) with availability Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

How can you offer lower prices for your podiatry?

At Zest we are part of the apprenticeship training programme, where we are able to train our own podiatrist whilst they study for their Podiatry Degree (BSc). Our student Emma would be treating you. She is now fully trained and competent to treat patients, she is insured, and is a student member of the Royal College of Podiatry.

What happens at an appointment?

Your treatment would be provided by the student, who would assess and treat you, similar to an initial podiatry assessment. A qualified podiatrist (clinical supervisor) will be on site, supervising, offering advice and guidance where necessary. The appointment may last up to one hour.

What treatments are available during low cost podiatry?

Treatments include:

  • nail care
  • removal of callus and corns
  • verruca treatments (using acid and cryotherapy)
  • treatment of fungal nails
  • diabetic lower limbs assessments
  • vascular foot assessments
  • neurological foot assessments
  • footwear sizing
  • cosmetic podiatry in the form of manicure and pedicure treatments

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

Please bring an up to date medication list and history. Our student will fully assess you before treatment.

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