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Rehabilitation (exercise rehab)

exercise rehab

What is exercise rehab?

Exercise rehab is an individually tailored set of exercises that help you recover from injury, without limitations on what they are able to do.

Who is it suitable for?

Whether you see yourself as an athlete or not, exercise rehabilitation plays a key role in maintaining fitness. In athletes it helps avoid global deconditioning, thus not reducing the ability to return to sport. In everyone, our aim is to help you recover in the shortest time possible with minimal risk of re-injury. It is suitable for everyone.

What are the 5 main stages of exercise rehab?

  1. Resting the injury. This reduces pain and allows the body to heal. Physio and manual treatments may help in reducing swelling and maintaining mobility.
  2. Restoring the range of motion. It’s important to start moving as soon as possible with low impact work and stretching, this will also help avoid inflammation which can slow rehabilitation.
  3. Rebuilding strength. This is a gradual process. Start with bodyweight exercises and progress to using light weights, being careful not to overload and cause re-injury. 
  4. Recover function. Injuries reduce our ability to move as we normally would. Exercise at this stage focuses on improving mobility, flexibility, stability and coordination.
  5. Return to “normal”. Having followed steps 1-4, day to day tasks should be achievable and pain free. Continued exercise will help to prevent future injury. 

What methods do you use in exercise rehab?

There are a wide range of training methods. Here at Zest Podiatry & Physio we use:

  • active movement
  • dynamic stretching
  • strengthening exercises using therabands and body weight

What appointments do you offer?

1. Rehabilitation Package

The package includes 5 rehab appointments. The first appointment is scheduled for up to 60 minutes and during this appointment we will be creating a rehabilitation and exercise plan. 

During the appointment we will;

  • Discuss weaknesses and imbalances found in your initial MSK assessment.
  • Look at your individually tailored plan of exercises and see what is achievable for you, your time and your exercise environment.
  • Demonstrate the exercises AND get you to try them out. This is so that we can check that you are doing them correctly as well as ensuring you feel comfortable and confident with the plan you have been given. 

A copy of your Exercise Rehab Plan including key milestones for the 12 weeks will then be sent to yourself via email after the appointment

The interim appointments (up to 45 minutes) will be to assess your progress and offer an opportunity to alter the exercise plan as appropriate. 

The final appointment will assess your overall progress against the original aims. Further recommendations may be given, or further sessions can be booked if desired.

2. Rehab – single

The appointment is scheduled for up to 60 minutes. During this appointment we will be creating a short exercise rehabilitation plan. 

During the appointment we will

  • review any findings from your initial assessment. 
  • discuss how the the plan would work with your schedule and environment.
  • demonstrate the exercises and get you to try them. This is so that we can check that you are doing them correctly and safely, as well as ensuring you are comfortable and confident with each exercise.

A copy of your Rehab and Exercise Plan including key milestones, will be sent to yourself via email after the appointment

Unique to you

Each exercise plan is unique and dependent on the needs of the client’s condition and findings during their initial MSK assessment

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a form of targeted soft tissue therapy that is great for anyone that exercises regularly, but you do not have to be sporty to have one. It is also an ideal treatment for anyone that has tight muscles. It can be used as part of your rehab or as an extra. More information available here.

We are here to support you through your recovery, and our Rehab Specialist Liv, will work with you to keep you motivated and ensure you get the best results.

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