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Fungal Nails and Skin

fungal nails and skin

The feet are an attractive host for fungal infections (dermatophye origin) and as such are a common but niggling problem for some 60% of the adult population.

We can identify fungal infections on the foot, through a trained eye and with in-house diagnostic capabilities. We can then offer a range of treatment options to deal with either the skin and/or the nails.

Treatments for Fungal Nails and Skin include:


  • Topical medication (Terbinafine 1% cream, Clotrimazole cream)
  • Prevention advice


  • Nail sample diagnostic testing in-house
  • Nail reduction
  • Topical anti-fungal medication (Amorollfine)
  • Controlled Micro Penetration of nail plate ‘Clearanail’ with topical Terbinafine spray
  • Controlled nail avulsion treatment (40% urea)
  • Advice re management or referral to GP for oral Terbinafine medication
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