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We offer Emergency appointments

Emergency appointments are available daily with our podiatry team. We are aware of the growing need to offer quick accessible appointments to our clients.

What is an emergency appointment?

An appointment aimed at an issue that has not long occurred, such as a stubbed toe, a foreign object in your foot or an infection such as an ingrowing toenail.

Emergency appointment common problems:

  • Ingrowing toenails
  • Toenail lifted
  • Dropped something on your toenail
  • Infected toenail
  • Splinter/glass in the foot
  • Infection (pus or redness or pain) on the foot
  • Ulcer or wound on the foot
  • If you are not sure if appropriate please contact us we will guide you

Are you all hcpc registered?

Yes at Zest Podiatry & Physio, all our podiatrists and physiotherapists are fully degree trained, hcpc registered and insured. We are also a training centre and have a podiatry degree apprentice learning alongside us.

What happens in the Emergency appointment?

You will be fully assessed and treated to reduce pain or chance of continued infection. We are able to use anaesthetic and to supply antibiotics if appropriate. We will focus on short and long term options for the condition you present with.

Will I need to come back for further treatment?

In some circumstances we may need you to come back to fix the problem. An ingrowing toenail can be relieved of pain short term by removing some offending nail, however full nail surgery may be appropriate for a long term solution. If you have foreign body and we have successfully removed this then you may not need to return, however you may require padding to offload and will need to keep the wound dressed and clean to avoid infection.

You can book online here or call 01865 236050.

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