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Fungal Nails and Skin Solutions

fungal nails and skin

Do you think you may have a skin or nail fungal infection? 50% of nails that appear to have a fungal infection, do NOT. It is important to know if you have a fungal infection before you start a treatment designed for fungus.

How do you test the nails and skin?

We use a Dermatophyte Test Strip which takes only 5 minutes and can be done during your appointment. There is an additional charge, but the advantages are great:

  • Can detect the presence of all the common dermatophytes in a small sample of nail
  • Scientifically proven to give accurate and reliable results
  • No need to send your nail clippings to a laboratory and await results
  • Immediate diagnosis, allowing you to treat your infection without delay.
5 minute Dermatophyte Test Strip showing a positive response

Fungal Nails and Skin Solutions

  • Skin Treatments
    • Lamisil
    • Canesten
  • Nail Treatments
    • Nail reduction
    • Topical anti-fungal medication (Amorollfine)
    • Controlled Micro Penetration of nail plate ‘Clearanail’ with topical Terbinafine spray
    • Controlled nail avulsion treatment (40% urea)
    • Advice and management or referral to GP for oral Terbinafine medication

Diagnosis & Treatment Pathway

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