Run3D – what is it?

What is Run3D: It is a sophisticated gait analysis tool that measures your gait in 3 dimensions – either walking or running. Unlike the video capture of your gait at the running shop, 3D capture brings a whole new level of information that only used to be possible in a hospital setting or for elite […]

Abingdon Marathon 2022

The Abingdon Marathon 2022 opens this week, entry is available to book from 11th March 2022. Race is October 23rd 2022. Why enter the Abingdon marathon? The Abingdon marathon is a flat track which is great for first-time marathoners. It is a small marathon, thus only small number of participant spaces, the organisers are expecting […]

Podiatrists Heal Heels #PodsHealHeels

What is #PodsHealHeels? #PodsHealHeels is a national campaign to build awareness of what podiatrists can do. Why Heels? 10% of people experience heel pain. It is the most common sports injury, and those long distance runners, with 10% of runners experiencing pain. What can a podiatrist do? The lower limb, especially the foot, is our […]

Nail picking and biting

Nail picking and biting disorders are known clinically as onychotillomania and onychophagia. Biting of the nail includes the nail plate, soft tissues of the nail bed and the cuticle. Picking can include manipulation and picking of the same nail areas as biting. Picking and biting at uneven nails isn’t normally a cause for concern, but […]

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