It’s going to be pants this Christmas
It's going to be PANTS this Christmas

Helping the homeless & vulnerable in Oxford this winter – It’s going to be PANTS this Christmas is the campaign for 2020. Building on the SOX APPEAL campaign from 2019, we are supporting The Gatehouse again this year, in even harder circumstances.

Started Christmas shopping? Buy an extra gift this year!

This year we would love PANTS as well as SOCKS. We would also welcome POTS of noodles, pasta or similar. Due to COVID clients are unable to access all centers and food and drink needs to be in takeaway containers.

It’s going to be PANTS this Christmas

The Gatehouse Oxford

Why help homeless at Christmas?

Homeless clients experience great discomfort from wet and damp shoes/socks. Their feet are often painful and are vulnerable to fungal infections, bacteria infections, trench foot and amputation. At Zest Podiatry where we are all podiatrists, we are very aware of the problems experienced and are keen to offer our help. It’s going to be PANTS this Christmas.

How Zest Podiatry help through the year

Throughout the year we provide free (organised through Forgotten Feet) podiatry care at The Gatehouse in St Giles Church. Ideally this would happen every 6 weeks where we see around 20 clients. After each podiatry treatment they are very appreciative of new socks that they can pop onto their newly treated feet. Covid has limited our help this year.

We need your help with It’s going to be PANTS this Christmas campaign

Please download the “It’s going to be pants this Christmas” marketing for your school or organisation and use the tag #pantsthischristmas.

Donations can we sent to us by post or dropped to our clinic, they need to be received by Friday 18th December. Please call us so we can arrange reception to let you in.

It’s going to be pants this Christmas
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