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What is a Triage Call?

At Zest Podiatry & Physio a triage call is a complementary telephone call lasting up to 10 minutes. It is with one of the clinicians to confirm your issues and discuss what appointment is suitable for you. You can book this directly online.

Why do we do this?

During your triage call and due to the complex nature of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, we have found that occasionally an MSK appointment is not best suited to your needs. If this is the case then we shall signpost appropriately. 

If the MSK appointment is the correct pathway then we will use this opportunity to gather further information about your problem or concern.

Please note that this telephone call is not an online consultation and treatment advice will not be given.

What information do we ask ?

We will ask you to complete medical history before but we shall discuss:

  1. Your main problem or concern
  2. A history about the problem, including previous treatments
  3. Your current activity and fitness levels
  4. Your aims from the treatment

Do you do a triage call for sports massage?

Yes we triage for sports massage to ensure that it is an appropriate appointment for you. We do this for new or current clients. Our rehabilitation specialist is Olivia, and she will contact you.

What appointments offer a triage call?

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