Run3D – what is it?

What is Run3D: It is a sophisticated gait analysis tool that measures your gait in 3 dimensions – either walking or running. Unlike the video capture of your gait at the running shop, 3D capture brings a whole new level of information that only used to be possible in a hospital setting or for elite […]

Podiatrists Heal Heels #PodsHealHeels

What is #PodsHealHeels? #PodsHealHeels is a national campaign to build awareness of what podiatrists can do. Why Heels? 10% of people experience heel pain. It is the most common sports injury, and those long distance runners, with 10% of runners experiencing pain. What can a podiatrist do? The lower limb, especially the foot, is our […]

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of targeted soft tissue therapy that uses a range of techniques to help: keep us moving relax the body relieve muscular tension break down soft tissue adhesions reduce pain Who is it appropriate for? Sports massage is great for anyone that exercises regularly, but you do not have to be […]

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