Sore toe nails

Nail picking and biting

Nail picking and biting disorders are known clinically as onychotillomania and onychophagia. Biting of the nail includes the nail plate, soft tissues of the nail bed and the cuticle. Picking can include manipulation and picking of the same nail areas as biting. Picking and biting at uneven nails isn’t normally a cause for concern, but […]

What can I expect from an ingrown toenail surgery appointment?

Article 3 – ingrown nail series At an ingrown toenail surgery appointment you will see a qualified podiatrist who will assess, stage, diagnose, treat, offer advice and a treatment plan based on your medical conditions, background and medication. Assessment for ingrown toenail surgery Your podiatrist will assess your toenail, including the severity of your ingrowing […]

Toenails case study

Case Study Ingrown sore toenails: Phoebe aged 17 years. Fit and healthy. No previous nail conditions. In April 2019 Phoebe spent 4 days walking in the Peak District for her gold DofE. She walked 10-15 km per day over a range of terrains. Day 1 she experienced some pain, blisters started to form and the […]

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