Why is lacing important?

Lacing is important as it affects how our footwear fits and how it functions, it may make the difference in comfortable feet after 5, 10 or 20 km. 

You can tie up your shoes for narrow or wide feet, to relieve pressure on big toes or smaller toes, for high arches and bumps on feet. There are hundreds of different techniques that cause great benefits to our feet which include relieving pressure and giving extra support.

What is the 2nd eyelet on a running shoe?

  • Eyelet is the name given to the holes in your shoes that your laces use.

  • On most trainers there is a 2nd eyelet at the top by your ankle.

  • If you get heel slippage you can use this eyelet to produce what is known as a heel lock.

  • It is also good for people in between sizes.

  • Video showing how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tJit2ep1XU 
  • General tips:

    • Before putting your shoes on loosen your laces: If you force your feet into shoes with them tied up you will stress the eyelets and the backs of the shoes – this creates unnecessary wear.
    • Getting the best fit: When you do up your shoes, start with the eyelets closest to your toes and tighten the laces one set of eyelets at a time.  
    • Select shoes that have the most eyelets: When purchasing shoes this will enable you to easily adjust them to ensure the shoe best fits your foot.
    • Adjust your shoes throughout the day: Feet can expand with activity and temperature, you may need to loosen your laces as the day progresses.
    • Lay the laces flat: Twisted ones may rub the tops of your feet, remember to lay them flat.

    Techniques for Black Toe Nails & Toe Pain:

    1. Lace the shoelace from the big toe to the top at the other side. 

    2. Thread the other side of the shoelace at each bottom diagonally and at the top parallel to the next hole. 

    3. Tie up the shoe as usual. 

    Effect: The toe cap will be lifted meaning the toes have more space.

    A few fabulous lacing technique videos and help guides:

    Do knots matter?

    There is nothing worse than your knot coming undone, here are some different types of knot you can use to secure your shoes. Here are some Ian knots, and instructions in the link:

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    What is Exercise Rehab?

    exercise rehab

    Exercise rehab is an individually tailored set of exercises to help patients recover from injury without limitations on what they are able to do.

    When working with athletes, exercise rehabilitation plays a key role in maintaining fitness. This helps avoid global deconditioning, thus not reducing the ability to return to sport.  While many patients may not view themselves as athletes, our aim is to help you recover in the shortest time possible with minimal risk of re-injury. 

    The 5 main stages of exercise rehab

    1. Resting the injury. This reduces pain and allows the body to heal. Physio and manual treatments may help in reducing swelling and maintaining mobility.
    2. Restoring the range of motion. It’s important to start moving as soon as possible with low impact work and stretching, this will also help avoid inflammation which can slow rehabilitation.
    3. Rebuilding strength. This is a gradual process. Start with bodyweight exercises and progress to using light weights, being careful not to overload and cause re-injury. 
    4. Recover function. Injuries reduce our ability to move as we normally would. Exercise at this stage focuses on improving mobility, flexibility, stability and coordination.
    5. Return to “normal”. Having followed steps 1-4, day to day tasks should be achievable and pain free. Continued exercise will help to prevent future injury. 

    Exercise rehab can include a wide range training methods. Here at Zest Podiatry & Physio we use active movement, dynamic stretching, and strengthening exercises using therabands and body weight.  Each exercise plan is unique and dependent on the needs of the client’s condition and findings during their initial MSK assessment. We work closely with the team at Run3D to deliver fantastic rehab programs to all our clients that have the Run3D assessment.

    We are here to support you through your recovery, and our Rehab Specialist Liv, will work with you to keep you motivated and ensure you get the best results.

    Thought about sports massage?

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    Have you seen our new online runners section?

    online runners section

    At Zest Podiatry & Physio we hall have a keen interested in running. We have decided to make 2021 a focus in the clinic for runners. Launched in January 2021 our new online runners section will continue to grow through the year. As of January we have the following information.

    Online runners section includes:

    1. Are you thinking about running?

    There are many reasons why you would choose running as your activity.

    • Running can be done anywhere.
    • it burns more calories than any other mainstream exercise.
    • It is free.
    • Go to section Thinking about running?

    2. The health benefits from running in our online runners section.

    Health benefits of running include reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke, boosting self-esteem and reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It can help you to live longer and healthier. There are huge benefits on the mind, body and lifestyle, find out more at Health Benefits.

    3. Remaining motivated.

    It is easy to have an initial boost of energy when taking up a new activity or during certain times of the year such as January. Below are a few ways to maintain your motivation, read How do I remain motivated?

    • Set yourself a goal, based on emotion
    • Make it a habit
    • Join a club
    • Keep a diary

    4. Help, I’m a new runner.

    What do you really need as a a runner, how to get started, and how to enjoy it.  I’m new to running, what do I need?

    5. Tell me more about Run3D

    Run3D helps you move better. It can reduce injuries, assist you to run faster and feel better with its 3D Gait analysis. Click here to see how it can help you Run3D.

    6. Lastly in our online runners section is a first description of a local marathon

    The first in our section on marathons is the Abingdon marathon, based in South Oxfordshire.  The course is mainly flat, great for first-time marathoners, and those chasing personal bests. As a business supporter of this marathon we felt it appropriate to start here.

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    online runners section study References:

    Keep Exercising

    keep exercising

    As we get further into the start of 2020 we are often still thinking about turning over a new leaf or are just struggling to keep exercising. Should you wish to get healthier, shed a few pounds, need motivation or just want to improve your running we can certainly help you.

    Our experienced msk team can advise you where you may potentially have weaknesses or asymmetries in your walking/running that could lead to potential injury. We are also able to use our Run3d gait analysis providing fantastic reports and guidance. Linking with our local sports shops (below), physiotherapists, and other health professionals we will put together a package for you. This package will get you to be where you want to be, whether limping or running your first sub- 20 minute 5K or just be able to get around the supermarket without in pain we can help you.

    Running Events

    We now starting the countdown towards some pretty major sporting and running events. One of the most participated in but also the most challenging of events is the London Marathon. Those running will be starting to increase their mileage over the next few months to be ready for the event on 26 April. As the mileage increases so does the impact upon your body so we will often advise runners who are starting to get some small levels of discomfort to get it checked out sooner rather than later. A small change to running style or footwear can make a big difference between something becoming mildly uncomfortable to becoming a full-blown injury that can put your place in your big race at doubt. A great local marathon is the Abingdon Marathon, which takes place in October.

    Training Concerns

    Should you be starting to get any little aches and pains beyond what you would normally expect them would certainly advise that you check out a few things. At Zest Podiatry we want to help you, to keep exercising.


    First of all check out your running shoes. Make sure they are giving you enough cushioning and support and are not looking worn out. If they are starting look a little bit worse for wear it may be a good time to start breaking in a new set. You’re unsure what sort of footwear you should be going for then we have a simple set of answers for you.

    • Comfort is key. You have to cover a lot of miles on your feet in trainers so something that is feeling a bit uncomfortable at mile two may be unbearably uncomfortable at mile 18 to make sure that you are happy with the shoes that you are running in.
    • Once you have got the shoe that you like and you are comfortable in would certainly recommend getting hold of 2 to 3 pairs if you are looking to wear them for your big event. The mileage that you are doing is to increase to over the next couple of months is certainly going to place incredible strain not only in your body, but also in your shoes. Last thing want to be doing in 2 to 3 weeks before your main event is having to look around for a new set of shoes because your other ones have become so worn they are not giving you the cushioning you need. We know how important it is to keep exercising when you are mid training.
    • The right shoe for the right job.With most events like the London Marathon being a road race we would certainly say look towards a set of good quality road running trainers for this. However should you be looking to complete your event on uneven surfaces you should certainly wear a slightly more structured supportive shoe like a trail shoe for this. This may mean that you have a set of trail shoes for your off-road runs as a road shoes that you’re looking to run in day-to-day but also for the main event.


    • If you buy shoes, buy socks. Good running socks at the singularly most undervalued bit of sporting equipment. We certainly recommend spending as much as you can on these.

    Running Shops

    Any good running shop can help you. We are fortunate to have great links and can recommend our friends in Oxford Up & Running, Fit to Run near Abingdon and Abingdon Sports in Abingdon town centre, all will be able to help you. They will be able to give you some good advice regarding footwear and socks to be used with the shoes.

    If you have any doubts talk to the professionals like us at Zest Podiatry, we will help you keep exercising!

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